How to Make A Traditional Turkish (Cezve) / Greek (Ibrik) Coffee

Making your own Cezve or Ibrik coffee is easier than you think with the right accessories and information!

Video Tutorials:
How to Make a Traditional Turkish / Greek Coffee
How to Brew Cezve / Ibrik Coffee Like a Pro

There are some secrets to making a delicious Cezve or Ibrik coffee which we will share with you before you start your journey.

The first secret is in the grind. As an example, a single bean grind should be to 45,000 particles versus an espresso grind for an espresso is 3,000 and a drip coffee grind which is 100 particles. The fine grind allows for greater extraction of flavors for a Cezve or Ibrik brew than other brewing methods. 

Another secret is the roasting of the coffee beans for a second time prior to grinding. The purpose of this is to ensure the freshness of the beans, as the peak stage of roasted beans for flavor only lasts around a week after roasting, where after oxidation takes place and the flavor and quality of the bean diminishes. Raw beans, stored correctly, can last several years.

This second roasting process takes place during the brewing of the coffee, by the pure fact that the coffee grounds are unfiltered and sit in the pot together with the water as the water is heated up and brew begins to foam.


There are some rules to follow to create your traditional Cezve / Ibrik coffee:

  1. Your special Traditional Cezve / Ibrik Pot suitable for the size of your brew to achieve the correct taste and foam (see the chart below for selection purposes).
  2. Use your favorite coffee beans preferably roasted within the past week. Purchase your Coffee Bean Roaster from our store to ensure you have freshly roasted beans.
  3. Use a light to medium roasted bean as the grounds are roasted again during the process.
  4. Grind to a very fine powder using our special Turkish Coffee Grinder. Normal coffee grinders are not suitable to achieve this grind. Your local grocery store may have a suitable grinder with a setting for Cezve / Ibrik coffee.
  5. Add the grinds to the bottom of our Cezve / Ibrik Pot.
  6. Add sugar to the grinds now.
  7. Add cold water to the grinds. The level must be to around the middle of the pot.
  8. DO NOT stir the sediment in the pot once the Cezve / Ibrik has begun to foam.
  9. Learn the art of pouring the Cezve / Ibrik which requires some wrist action to ensure the foam is dispensed first, followed by the thick syrupy liquid.
  10. Use a thin-walled 3oz porcelain cup for your Cezve / Ibrik or purchase our special Cezve / Ibrik cups.


Size & Pot Dimensions:
Size Capacity Servings (*) Height Diameter at Base Diameter at Top
XX-Small 6 oz 1 2.75 in 2.75 in 2.25 in
X-Small 8 oz 1-2 3.00 in 3.00 in 2.50 in
Small 10 oz 2-3 3.25 in 3.25 in 2.75 in
Medium 12 oz 3-4 3.50 in 3.50 in 3.00 in
Large 14 oz 4-6 3.75 in 3.75 in 3.25 in
X-Large 24 oz 6-10 4.50 in 4.00 in 3.75 in

(*) 2-3 oz small demitasse cups                           (How to Select the Size of your Coffee Pot)


Cezve / Ibrik Preparation Method:

  1. Measure the volume of cold water you will need according to the size pot of Cezve / Ibrik you will be making.
  2. Place the coffee grinds (approx. 7oz coffee per one cup Cezve / Ibrik) into the Cezve / Ibrik pot.
  3. Add sugar if preferred at this stage or eliminate the sugar and serve the brewed Cezve / Ibrik with something sweet.
  4. Using a gooseneck pot, pour the water carefully and slowly over the grinds (approx. 70oz water to 70z coffee grinds) to ensure the grinds are properly saturated.
  5. Stir 10 to 15 times not more.
  6. Place the Cezve / Ibrik pot on the stove (preferably a small gas stove) and turn the heat to medium-high, until the water begins to heat up +-1mins.
  7. Reduce the heat and leave for a further +-1min until the coffee begins to foam in a ring formation. The bubbles should be small in size, but DO NOT allow the coffee to boil. The ideal temperature at the final stage should be around 158 deg F / 70 deg C.
  8. Allow the foaming stage as long as possible without allowing the brew to come to the boil. The more foam the better the taste. The less fresh your coffee beans the less foam you are likely to have.
  9. Should the brew tend to get too hot and begin to rise, remove the pot from the heat source. Repeat this once or twice for best extraction.
  10. Serve your Cezve / Ibrik in suitable cups, learning the art of pouring the foam first followed by the brew.
  11. Allow to stand for around 2 minutes.


How To Drink Your Cezve / Ibrik

  1. Cezve / Ibrik is always served with a glass of water to cleanse the palate and a small sweet treat.
  2. Sip the coffee slowly, interspersing with the sweet treat and water as desired.
  3. Relax and enjoy the experience.

Purchase the individual or packaged accessories you require from our store to start your Middle Eastern Cezve / Ibrik experience today.