How To Roast Tea Leaves

This method is suitable for all loose tea varieties including green tea, known as Hojicha a delightful Japanese Tea. Experiment with different tea varieties and levels of toasting to see which you prefer and create your own tea roasting recipes.


Video Tutorial:



General Instructions:

  1. You will need the Caversham Mill Ceramic Tea Roaster. This is made up of three parts, the roaster, funnel (handle of the roaster) and cooker stand.
  2. Light the tealight candle and place in the cooker stand.
  3. Pre-heat the roaster for a minute or so.
  4. Pour the leaves into the roaster through the funnel and place on the heat source.
  5. Agitate the leaves constantly to avoid burning.
  6. Use a cloth over the handle to avoid burning your hand during the process.
  7. As soon as smoke is evidenced with a sweet toasty fragrance, your leaves are ready for use. This process should take no more than a few minutes.
  8. Avoid over toasting the leaves as this will result in a burned leaf and flavor.
  9. Pour the roasted leaves via the funnel into a teapot with a strainer.
  10. Pour boiling water over gently with a goose neck kettle to control the flow.
  11. Serve your delightful roasted tea and enjoy.