Roasting Coffee Beans : A Traditional Ceramic Roaster Method

Roasting Coffee With a Traditional Ceramic Roaster

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How to Roast Coffee Beans with a Traditional Ceramic Coffee Roaster

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  1. Green Coffee : We are sourcing greens beans for purchase directly from the producers in store. Alternatively, these may be sourced from local coffee roasters.
  2. Coffee Bean Roaster : There are several different types of coffee roasters available in store, depending on the volume of coffee beans you will be roasting.
  3. Coffee Bean Grinder : There are various grinder options, however, for Middle Eastern coffee, the grinder is very specific.
  4. Coffee Bean Storage : An air tight container is required, however, it is advisable to use the beans within a week of roasting, as the flavor and aroma of the beans diminishes with time.


Getting Started with Roasting Your Coffee Beans

  1. The beans must be heated to temperatures between 370ºF to 482ºF.
  2. The beans must continually be agitated throughout the process to avoid scorching.
  3. Roasting should be done in a well ventilated area due to the smoke produced.

Understanding the Coffee Bean Roast Cycle


Method : A Traditional Ceramic Roaster

  1. Preheat your Traditional Ceramic Coffee Roaster on the heat source, preferably a flame source.
  2. Measure out and place the correct amount of coffee beans for the quantity of coffee you are wanting to prepare, into the roaster.
  3. Determine the roast stage you are wanting to achieve.
  4. Replace the roaster on the heat source.
  5. Continue to agitate the beans throughout the process to ensure the beans do not burn and roast evenly.
  6. Remember, if you are roasting for a Middle Eastern coffee, roast to a Medium stage as the coffee is roasted for a second time during the coffee making process.
  7. Once the beans are roasted to your preference, place the coffee beans into a colander and shake the beans around to remove the chaff and the beans have cooled down.
  8. Grind these beans immediately for a delightful, fresh coffee.
  9. Alternatively store the coffee beans at room temperature out of direct sunlight to be used within a week for the best experience.

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