Caversham Mill : Beautiful Jeuvan Pour-Over Coffee Pot 1000ml

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Caversham Mill : Beautiful Jeuvan Pour-Over Coffee Pot 1000ml


The versatile Jeuvan Pour-Over Coffee Pot is ideal for creating a delicious Japanese iced coffee on those hot summer days or for a more traditional hot pour-over coffee.


Video Tutorial:
How to make a Japanese Iced Coffee
How to make a Pour-Over Coffee


Product Features:
* The Jeuvan Pour-Over Cofffee Pot is ideal for a premium, perfect cup of coffee, precisely brewed for a fresher and superior coffee experience.
* The Jeuvan Pour-Over Coffee Pot provides for ultimate brewing control, allowing you to customize each cup of coffee to control the taste, strength, temperature and coffee to water ratio.
* The beautiful artisan design of the Jeuvan Pour-Over Coffee Pot, is attractive and functional, crafted from boronsilicate glass with a polished wooden collar and leather tie, making it an attractive addition to your sophisticated kitchen.
* The stainless steel mesh micro filter is a great replacement for paper filters, which tend to impart an unpleasant flavor to your coffee. This filter also eliminates the cost of purchasing replacement filters.
* The Jeuvan Pour-Over Coffee Pot provides you the opportunity to experiment with your own unique coffee making skills.


Product Description:
Materials: Glass + silica gel
Weight: 0.70kg
Quantity: 1 pc
Color: Transparent with wooden collar & stainless steel filter 


Package Includes:
1 * Glass Drip Coffee Maker
1 * Stainless Steel Filter

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