Caversham Mill : Exotic Tyb Alrrayiha (Fragrant) Coffee Set

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Caversham Mill : Exotic Tyb Alrrayiha (Fragrant) Coffee Set


Take a trip down memory lane to the ancient cultures of the Middle East with our Tyb Alrrayiha Coffee Set and learn the skills of coffee making from the different regions. Coffee is known as Türk kahvesi (Turkish coffee), al-qahwa (Arabian) and ellinikos kafes (Greek).


An age-old tradition of Middle Eastern culture is their distinctive coffee, the cezve or ibrik. Each of these cultures has their own specific method of making their coffee using similar or slightly different equipment, ingredients and methods.



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Product Description:

* Your complete exotic Tyb Alrrayiha (Fragrant) Coffee Set, handmade in Turkey, contains:

* 2mm thick engraved 8oz (for 2 cups) copper coffee pot

* 2 * 2oz porcelain cups, nestled in engraved metal holders, 2 matching saucers & lids

* 1 heavy duty crafted hand coffee grinder (1.5lb), essential to making Middle Eastern coffee

* 3.3oz premium traditional Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee



To ensure the authenticity of your experience, this product is imported directly from Turkey. Please allow for a little extra time for delivery, you won't be disappointed.