Caversham Mill : Lady Citrouille Elegant Glass Teapot 500ml

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Caversham Mill : Lady Citrouille Elegant Glass Teapot 500ml

Lady Citrouille is a beautifully handcrafted teapot, a perfect complement to a delicious fruit tea, featuring a gorgeous green or yellow handle with the strength and clarity of borosilicate glass.


Product Features:
* Lady Citrouille features crystal clear, high-strength borosilicate glass to create a delightful tea.

* She is able to endure rapid cooling and heating of temperatures.
* A beautiful feature handle in either green or yellow glass, with a drip-resistant pouring spout.
* An easy to clean teapot, that does not absorb stains or flavors.
* Lady Citrouille is suitable for a wide range of tea: fruit tea, herbal tea, black tea, green tea, Pu'er tea, health tea and craft tea.

Product Specifications:
Craft: Handmade
Capacity: +-600ml
Components: Teapot & spout filter
Material: High quality borosilicate glass

Packing Contents:

1*glass teapot