Caversham Mill : Dutch Ice Coffee Brew Dripper 600ml

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Caversham Mill : Dutch Ice Coffee Brew Dripper 600ml


For those hot summer days, enjoy a delicious cup coffee by slow extraction with the Dutch Ice Coffee Brew Dripper


Understanding the process & principle of cold brew drip coffee


Product Features:
* The transparent, heat-resistant glass for great visual appeal and control of the process.
* This is a slow extraction process which yields a delicious iced coffee.
* The optimum water temperature for cold extraction is around 5 degrees celsius and for a superior brew, an 8 hour extraction is recommended.
* The Dutch Ice Coffee Brew Dripper is beautifully shaped and is a feature piece in any home.


Product Specifications:
Material: Transparent glass with stainless steel trim

Package Contents:
1*Coffee Brew Set (as shown)

Several cotton filters to get you started