Caversham Mill : Lady Beatrice Versatile Glass Teapot With Infuser

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Caversham Mill : Lady Beatrice Versatile Glass Teapot With Infuser

Be inspired by our delectable Lady Beatrice Versatile Glass Teapot for serving your favorite fruity tea!


Video Tutorial:
The Art of Making a Perfect Cup of Loose Tea


Product Description:

* Lady Beatrice is fit for a Queen, made from heat resistant borosilicate glass.

* The shape and clarity of the glass, creates an interesting feature for flower and fruit teas added directly to the pot.

* The spout is well designed to avoid dripping and the handle is shaped for ease and comfort of use.

* Simply rinse out Lady Beatrice with warm water after use and dry with a cotton dish towel and she will be ready for your next delectable pot of tea.

* For something a little sensational when Lady Beatrice may turn into an Ice Queen. Dip her in cold water then place her in the freezer for an hour or so until the water has frozen. Remove her and dip her in ice water and replace her in the freezer. Repeat this several times until she is well coated with several layers of ice. Fill her with a cold delectable iced tea and serve. This process may take several days, so be warned, if you are planing to host a special tea.

* NB: Do not place hot or boiling water in Lady Beatrice the Ice Queen, nor fill her with liquid to freeze, you will surely lose your dearly beloved teapot.

* Before first use, wash Lady Beatrice with a gentle dishwash liquid to remove any manufacturing residue.


Product Specifications:

Lady Beatrice is currently available in: 400ml
Approximate size: 112*112mm
Material: Glass
Colour: Transparent


Package Contents:

1 * Glass teapot


* Please note the color may differ due to lighting or monitor callibrations.

* All measurements are approximate.