Caversham Mill : Giulia Italian Moka Espresso Caffe Maker

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Caversham Mill : Giulia Italian Moka Espresso Caffe Maker


Try our Giulia Italian Moka Espresso Caffe Maker for an authentic taste of Italy.


Video Tutorial:

How to use your Giulia Italian Moka Espresso Caffe Maker 



* The Giulia Italian Moka Espresso Caffe Maker is easy to use.

* Roast your coffee beans with one of our popular coffee roasters.

* Grind the beans finely.

* Add water to the lower chamber to just below the valve.

* Add the grounds to the holder and place on the lower chamber.

* Screw the top half of the pot onto the base.

* Place on the stovetop and wait until you hear the sound of the coffee hissing and bubbling into the top chamber.

* Remove the pot from the stove top and fruire!


Product Features:

* Select from our range of sizes to suit your needs.

* The heat resistant anti-scald handle is comfortable and convenient to use. (Do not allow the handle to come into contact with a direct flame).

* The process of coffee extraction is by high heat pressurized steam.

* The steam release valve will automatically regulate the pressure.

Product Specifications:
Material: Stainless steel
2 people 100ml: 11*10*15.4cm/4.33*3.94*6.06"

        4 people 200ml: 12.6*10.8*17.3cm/4.96*4.25*6.81"
        6 people 300ml: 13.2*12*19.4cm/5.2*4.72*7.64"
        9 people 450ml: 14.6*13.1*21.9cm/5.75*5.16*8.62"

* There may be a color difference in the product due to the lighting and monitor callibrations.
* The measurements are approximate

 Package Contents:
1 x Coffee Pot