Caversham Mill : Traditional Ceramic Coffee Roaster

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Caversham Mill : Traditional Ceramic Coffee Roaster


Discover a delicious brew of coffee from your own freshly roasted coffee beans, using the Traditional Ceramic Coffee Roaster for a superior coffee
Video Tutorial:
Roasting your coffee beans with the Traditional Ceramic Coffee Roaster, allows you to control the roast of the beans, resulting in a delicious coffee to your liking.

1. You will require your Traditional Ceramic Coffee Roaster, preferably a flame, such as a gas cooker, cotten gloves and raw coffee beans of your choice. It is recommended that this should be done in a well ventilated area.

2. Preheat the Ceramic Coffee Roaster for 1-2 minutes before adding the beans.

3. Add the beans to the Ceramic Coffee Roaster.

4. Keep the Ceramic Coffee Roaster on the flame and constantly swirl the beans as they roast. Take care of the ventilator handle as heat / steam will escape through this area.

5. The coffee beans will begin to change colour after about 2 minutes of roasting. Adjust the flame accordingly. Continue to swirl the beans until the roasting has been completed.

6. Roast the beans until the colour has changed to the type of flavor you prefer. The darker the bean roast, the more intense the flavor will be, whereas the lighter the roast the more mild the flavor. Depending on the depth of the roast, this process should take around 13 minutes.

7. Grind the beans immediately and brew your delicious cup of coffee. Sit back relax and enjoy your newly discovered craft.


Product Description:

Colour: Black
Material: Ceramics
Size: 26 * 13.5 * 8.5cm


Package Contents:

1 * Coffee Roaster


* The product color may differ due to the difference in monitor calibrations and the shooting light.

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